Thursday, August 12, 2010

35 Things

Don't read too much into the order. This isn't a prioritized list, nor is it comprehensive, but it is a compilation of 35 things for which I'm grateful:
  1. one adorable niece (and another on the way)
  2. two amazing sisters
  3. the Trinity
  4. all four grandparents
  5. loving + supportive parents who help keep me grounded
  6. a very special friendship, six years and counting 
  7. friends (including you, M.R.S.) who make me laugh, and cry
  8. freedom of speech
  9. Beethoven's 9th
  10. freedom to worship
  11. faith
  12. hope
  13. love
  14. 14 cousins
  15. aunts, uncles, and others who sprinkle humor and joy into my life
  16. Italian + Swedish + English heritage  
  17. a multi-stamped passport
  18. a sense of adventure
  19. grace
  20. forgiveness
  21. second chances
  22. a comfortable bed
  23. air-conditioning
  24. food in the fridge
  25. coffee
  26. ice cream
  27. forgiving wrap dresses
  28. capitalism
  29. a curious mind
  30. an interesting job
  31. dog-eared C.S. Lewis books
  32. access to Tim Keller sermons
  33. Mary Tyler Moore Show DVDs
  34. Skype
  35. the students who threw a surprise party for me in class today:


  1. God provided unexpected blessings for you!
    You have spurred me on to make my list, today, for 35 things for which I am grateful to God.
    Love you,
    Mom P.S. 35 years passed much too quickly.

  2. what a fun posting today! beautiful, just like you honey. happy, happy birthday. i sure hope you got my card in time for your special day. love you lots, your auntie nan