Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Foray into Blogging

Rather than wait until I arrive in Seoul - which is still 6 weeks away- I thought I'd get a jump on this blogging initiative (Kudos to Google and Blogger for making it so simple!). I've never blogged before, but I'm determined to do it because I'd like to:
  1. stay in touch with family and friends
  2. chronicle the adventures and challenges that await
  3. become a better, more disciplined writer
I won't pretend -I'm completely nervous typing right now. The endless minutes spent deliberating as I mentally try out different words; the fear of typos, or worse: sounding silly or boring. Ugh. Clearly I have some issues to work through, and these initial entries will serve mainly as practice. Ideally, I'll grow comfortable with the idea of journaling (and publishing) my experiences and thoughts, so that when I get to Seoul, I can spout observations from the onset.

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